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Changing Teacher-Student Relationship

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In the present world, changes are inevitable, some of which are conventional while others are dreadful and unacceptable. In a corresponding way, the relationship between students and teachers has changed to a great extent when compared to guru-shishya relationship of the olden days.

In this day and age, the approach towards gaining knowledge and information takes different paths altogether, when compared to the yesteryears. Students, now have access to all the requisite information at the click of a button. When we want to clear our doubts, a Google search is all we need. Students often crosscheck and confirm what a teacher speaks in the class from the information available on the internet, which may, at times, lead them to suppose that the teachers are not-so-required. The place of a teacher is replaced by Google, in the minds of the students, and this motorized system has substituted human conduct.

However, changes have taken place, but I suppose that a lot of them are constructive ones. We have moved on to a more rational and curious atmosphere from an utter and tight-lipped approach. Today’s generation greets teachers with a ‘Hi’ instead of greeting them with a ‘Good morning’. The student-teacher relationship is not characterized by compliance and acceptance, but by questioning and scrutiny, acceptance may or may not follow depending upon the student’s analysis.

The prevailing situation has more teachers who have money-making and impersonal approaches and for whom teaching isn’t a vocation but a means of livelihood. There is a need of more teachers who join the profession by preference rather than by unconcern. To understand and come to terms with each other’s expectations is what this relationship should be all about. It is about having a very comprehensive rapport.

The inculcation of values that are considered as ancient, in the whole system, is necessary. On the other hand, no one can fail to notice the undying job of a teacher as a counsellor and guide in transporting and familiarizing information to a student. The restoration of the guru-shishya traditional relationship, with a contemporary tinge, is the need of the hour.

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Shaily Sharma
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[email protected]; Studying in Gargi College, a final year B.Com(Hons.) student, she is currently the Associate Editor at DU Beat. She hates being idle and loves flexibility in life. She totally agrees with James A. Michener in his saying: “I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

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