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Five things a fresher in a DU college society can relate to!

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When you have a choice of countless activities to be a part of in college, you don’t feel like missing out on any of the fun, specially when they come along with free attendance and marks. But being a part of a DU society isn’t as easy as ignoring Nicky Minaj’s music. Yes, being in a society in DU has its own perks… mostly positive (did I mention free attendance?) And if you’re a fresher and are the new one in a society, you have memories that last for life. Here are five things a fresher in a DU society can absolutely relate to:

1. You are supposed to know everything about everyone at every time:

Yes, you should know anything about anything. Specially if you’re a member of your college’s debating society or the quiz society, from knowing Nelson Mandela’s last words to what effect the Trade Facilitation Agreement will have ten years later, you’re supposed to know it all (Even if it makes no sense at all!) The phrase of Walking Wikipedia makes a lot more sense now. And if you happen to not know about something, be ready for the “oh-you-don’t-know-that!” look.

Be it anything, you’ve got to know it all at once.

2. Put that poster there, bring that CD from there or just do all the leg work!

Remember the time you used to send your younger sibling to get a glass of water…every half an hour. Well, it’s karma’s time now. Be it putting up society posters on college notice boards or getting a duster for the black-board or writing a street play dialogue last minute, you’re the mule of your clan who can be given any work at any hour of the day. And the best (or worst) part is, you just cannot say no!

Because ‘Karma’ has no deadlines, and it always balances all accounts.

3. Get ready to set your alarms at the most impossible hours of the day:

7:30 in the morning or 9:30 at night, it simply doesn’t matter. When duty calls, you have to…have to be there. Already tired of setting your alarms at painfully early hours? Brace yourselves for the DU Fests time and you’ll know what it is to work your a*s off (well, quite literally!)


4.They’re not your friends…they’re more of teachers:

They don’t really guide you as much as they teach you. Yes, seniors are your mentors, teachers, guides…anything but friends. That doesn’t mean that they’re particularly bossy or assertive, but you can go on trying hard to be a part of their group and turn out getting nowhere. But, at the same time, those chunks of advice are sure to take you a long way in your society. After all, you as have to step in their shoes at one point of time!teacher2

5. The high of being able to miss your classes for your passion:

Gone are the days when you had to let go of those dancing moves and music chords just to attend classes in school. ECA Slips come to your rescue. You can’t really have more of the best of both worlds, following your passion and get attendance for that. Life couldn’t be better for a fresher, could it be? The whole idea seems like an enigma even though eventually you’ve got to balance out your studies too.


Arushi Pathak for DU Beat.

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