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DDUC organizes seminar on ‘Awakening the Youth’

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Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, on Friday, the 29th of August, organized a seminar on ‘Awakening the Youth’. The event was organized by the college’s MUN club, which is also holding its annual MUN conference (DDUC MUN) later this month.

The event started off with a welcome note by Dr. Nisha Rana, the Head of the Business Studies Department of the college. This was followed by an address by the Principal, Dr. S.K Garg who spoke about the importance of moral values in today’s day and age.

Ashok Kumar, an IIT Delhi alumnus, currently in the Border Security Force started off the seminar by talking about the state of women’s security in India at present. He spoke at length about the numerous additional clauses that had been put in the Indian Penal Code in 2013, like the explicit inclusion of crimes like acid attacks, voyeurism, disrobing along with the increase in the sentence given to the accused in cases of rapes and sexual harassment. In his candid lecture, he also discussed some startling statistics like the fact that only 5% of the cases brought to the Court end with the accused being convicted.

Taking the discussion on law and order forward, the next speaker, Aishwarya Bhati, a Supreme Court lawyer talked about the discrepancies between the law and the execution of the same.

Both speakers had plenty of questions from the audience, most of which were based on the glaring lack of implementation of laws in the country. Issues of juvenile rape, corruption and delayed justice were also touched upon.

The session wrapped up with a talk on the connection between one’s mental and physical health, with emphasis on the importance of meditation and exercise. The Principal then gave the vote of thanks, appreciating the speakers on their keenness to address the students’ questions, along with bringing up such matters of relevance.

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