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3 things to expect during DUSU elections

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The fight for power between the political honchos of Delhi University is about to begin and students affiliated to different political parties all over the campus have already started preparing themselves for the Delhi University Student’s Union elections to be held next month. For a normal DU student though, these elections are just another way a big political party uses to make utopian promises that are never fulfilled. Well, such perceptions are always in transition but there are in fact some things which remain constant during most DUSU elections. Let’s have a look at some of them:


The Great Irony (Wasting paper):

One of the many promises made by the political parties during the elections is management of different resources, the irony being they start their campaign by wasting one of the most crucial resources, paper. Every time you step out of the Vishwavidhyala metro station, you’ll find numerous pamphlets lying unattended and several more being distributed, again unattended.


Male Domination:

Sounds controversial, doesn’t it? But every time you witness such elections taking place in the university, the male candidature is drastically higher than the female candidature. One expects that when it comes to the national elections though not in those taking place at India’s top ranked university.


The Clichéd ‘Bhai’:

You are sitting in your class studying peacefully. Suddenly, the door is banged open and several people start pouring in while your teacher cannot do anything to stop them. Yes, they are called ‘Bhai log’. They come into your class and then address themselves as, well? Bhai Log. Anyway, the address will probably start with the line ‘Hamare Bhai (a person pointing to the candidate) iss election mein khade honge’, and then go on with about the promises they will fulfil and finishing with the trademark dialogue ‘Hamare Bhai ko hi jeetana hai aapne’. So much ‘Bha-ism’!

is a sophomore pursuing Political Science (H) from SGTB Khalsa College. A graduate in Indian Classical Music and a seasoned MUNer, Anchor and Compére, he also has an interest in writing poetry. He has been working as a compére for Athletic Federation of India and is a guest columnist for a multi - state daily. A partisan of astrophysics, he thinks that our perceptions shape our realities and that a reality for one might not be for another. It's a world full of semblance, he believes. Link to his blog on Poetry: brijpahwapoetry.blogspot.in

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