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Vishleshan, The Economics Seminar in Miranda House

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Arthashastra , the Economics Society Miranda House organized a seminar on 28th of August with honourable guest speaker Rajeev Malhotra. The seminar was aimed at discussion and interaction on the Union Budget and its importance, Budget 2014, GST and the Planning Commission.

Mr Malhotra has served as the Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Finance and has formerly served as an Executive Officer at the Planning Commission. He is a professor, an Executive Director at Centre for Development and Finance. He is also a celebrated lead author of the book India Public Policy Report. The vision behind organizing this seminar was to invite engaging and eminent speakers to address a young audience on global economic conundrums.

“By inviting students from various colleges and specialties like Political Science, Commerce and Mathematics, we hope to encourage a multiplicity of perspectives on key issues.” said Raavi Agarwal, a third year student of Economics honors and the president of the Economics Society, “We felt a discussion on the Union Budget was imperative for an insight into the policy maker’s mindset which would help us understand the minutiae of the budget and public policy as a whole.”

The agenda of the seminar was an appraisal of the Union Budget and the role of Fiscal Policy and its entirety. The speaker, Rajeev Malhotra addressed questions regarding the effectiveness of public policy in India and bottlenecks to efficacy of policies. He also explained some key terms and concepts related to the FRBM act, Fiscal policy, Deficits and taxes while highlighting the key trends and figures of Fiscal deficits, GDP growth and other macroeconomic parameters through a PowerPoint presentation.

“We were thrilled with the overwhelming response from the students across the university. I found it an informative and enriching session and the students were also pleased with the actual content of the session. We hope to organize such numerous fruitful colloquia in the future.” said Raavi. “Mr. Malhotra gave us some key points on the discussed topics which are lucrative in the sense of application,” said Ayushi, a second year Economics Honors student of Miranda House who attended the seminar, “I enjoyed being part of the session as it was very interactive and alive.”

Image source: Vishleshan team

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