Harsh Agarwal shares his experience with ‘Nazaqat’

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The KNC Book Club held its first book reading session for this semester with Harsh Agarwal, author of three books the most recent being ‘Nazaqat’.

The session started out with Harsh talking about what it took to get where he is, his experiences along the way and also what it means to be an entrepreneur and author in the present day scenario. He talked about his transition from an engineering student from the National Institute of Technology (Silcher) to an author and how he dealt with problems along the way, what was expected of him and what people thought of him. In fact, he has published the book ‘Nazaqat’ under the name ‘Sasha H Singhal’.

Students present shared their  views on why they write and what it is like to share their writing on social media platforms. Harsh also went on to talk about his previous two books ‘An Incursion of Insight’ and ‘Life In A Nutshell’. He read out short excerpts from ‘Nazaqat’, giving  an idea of the trajectory of the storyline and introduced  the main protagonist- Nazaqat, a prostitute turned entrepreneur who documents her need to have her biography written and also deals with issues like legalization of prostitution.

The book reading was followed by a question and answer session and a book signing session where the students got a chance to interact with the author on a personal level.

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