DU introduces attendance perks for students who take the Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Seems like the (literal) fever from pouring ice water on your own self is catching up, DU being the newest addition to the list of the drenched that includes several Indian and foreign celebrities! A notification issued by the Registrar instructs colleges to give extra marks and bonus attendance to students who take the famous Ice Bucket Challenge in their colleges or post a video of themselves taking the challenge on Facebook. The hashtags to be used are #DUforALS and #IceBucketChallengeDU.

This is a movement aimed at raising funds for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association. Widespread cheer has met the announcement. “There is no AC in my college, so my classmates are very eager to take this up. It’s something! ” said a freshman. Many students who had already taken the challenge are re-sharing their videos with the hashtags assigned by DU.

Cafes and restaurants around colleges are also capitalising on the opportunity by making ice available for sale. “The McDonald’s in front of my college has ‘McIceBucket’ written right below ‘McFloat’ on their menu. Even the nearby KFC is selling a new bucket called the Ice Bucket.

DU Beat asked the Vice-Chancellor of DU about this decision of the University. He explained that students who take the challenge will be awarded 5 marks of internal assessment for each of the subject they’re studying this semester as well as 6 days’ worth of attendance. “DU believes in matching pace with the world,” he said.

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