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Five reasons to enrol for the Teach For India Fellowship

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Teach For India is a not-for-profit that works with the vision that one day all children will attain an excellent education. Their mission primarily aims at eliminating education inequality that has for long been prevalent in India.

The Project has been distinctly divided into a two-part theory of change- short term and long term. The Fellowship program is part of the short term theory of change and the Alumni Movement is part of the long term theory of change.  And here’s why Teach For India is the ideal opportunity:


The Teach For India Fellowship is a leadership development program. This is a two-year, full time, paid commitment where Fellows are placed in under-resourced schools across six cities. Some of the skills that the Fellows are likely to develop are creating goals, strategy-planning, data analysis, project and people management, building relationships with external stakeholders and effective execution. Professional approach and entrepreneurial skills are developed through the ‘Be The Change Project’ that all Fellows work on in their second year.

Personal Transformation

The Teach For India Fellowship is a personal and professional journey that allows individuals to find their potential, their passions and transform their lives as well as the lives of those around them. It helps its Fellow to basically find and nurture their true potential.


The task of eradicating child illiteracy is tremendous and extremely challenging. If you are somebody who is sensitive about the fact 90% of all Indian children do not and cannot complete schooling due to various demographical and social reasons, this is the project to be a part of.

Teach For India believes not only in recognizing the gravity of the problem, but also in finding a timely and effective solution to it.


If you want to make a remarkable impact in somebody’s life and change it for the better, this is the best platform you can have.

In totality this program aims to impact underprivileged students in three basic areas:

  • Academic achievement.
  • Values and mindsets
  • Access and opportunities

These three areas constitute the Student Vision that Fellows work towards.

The Alumni Movement

While Fellows create meaningful impact in the lives of 30-40 students through the Fellowship, it is through the Alumni movement that they can impact the lives of hundreds and thousands of children. Currently, Teach For India has over 700 Alumni members working all across the world in different sectors. As a member of the Teach For India community, any Fellow has access to all their networks and experiences. We need leaders who will be at the forefront of this movement from various different sectors and create large scale and high-quality impact.


Teach For India is not alone in this struggle, there are various other countries all over the world struggling with educational inequality. Teach For India is part of an international network called ‘Teach For All’ that consists of 35 countries. Collectively, this network has 15,000 Fellows and 30,000 Alumni working for over five million children.

Update: The last deadline for the Teach For India Fellowship 2015 is 4th February, 2015. Head to www.teachforindia.org to apply!


Surbhi Sharma

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