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Youth Act Fellowship 2014 by the Happy Hands Foundation

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A program which started out in 2009, Happy Hands Foundation is a venture that focuses on preserving and reviving the traditional arts enabling artisans to develop their own enterprise.  The vision behind this program is to foster culturally rich people by creating meaningful interaction with the arts, generating appreciation for cultural heritage and restoring dignity in crafts practice.

Youth Act Fellowship is a program initiated by Happy Hands Foundation last year, in order to engage the youth in their agenda of engaging the young people in the cultural heritage of the country. The fellowship is aimed at young people of age group of 17 to 21 who will be further introduced to the craft industry.

In 2013, the Youth Act Fellowship members went to Orissa regarding the famous coir craft in which the products are made from coconut fibers like doormats and mattresses. Take a look at their journey in the video below!

This year, the Fellows will be travelling to Sitarganj in Uttarakhand from 4th to 14th October. There, the fellows will learn the grass weaving craft and will exhibit their work on coming back in one of the galleries in Delhi.

The last date to apply for Youth Act Fellowship is 29th  August. The interested people can fill up the form here.
The candidates who will be shortlisted for the interview will be called by 1st September.

The prime focus of the organization is to work for artisans, providing them with design education through cluster development programs where enterprise training is also given, while engaging the youth.

“This fellowship is about experiencing craft in a more hands-on manner and focuses on building lasting relationships between the fellows, their peers and the rural crafts world”, said Medhavi Gandhi, Founder of Happy Hands Foundation, “It is also about welcoming new perspectives and fresh ideas which may or may not be perfectly aesthetic into the dynamic crafts’ space.”

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