3 Albums to look forward to in the months to come

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Whenever I am in the metro and have no company, I tend to plug my earphones into my ears and jam to my playlist. While my playlist consists of a blend of various genres, sometimes listening to the same songs repeatedly can be irritating and wish that my playlist could update itself with new releases. Here are some new albums to look forward to in the months to come:

1)      Maroon 5’s“V (FIVE)” – A month ago, Maroon 5 released their latest single ‘Maps’ which is scheduled to feature in their fifth album, namely “V (FIVE)”. Barely a few weeks ago, they released their second single namely, ‘It was always you’. Both the songs are catchy, prospective hits and have been getting radio airplay in many nations. The album is to be released on 29th August by Interscope Records.


2)      The Script’s“No Sound Without Silence” – A week ago, The Script released their latest single ‘Superheroes’ which is scheduled to feature in their fourth studio album “No Sound Without Silence”.  The latest single incorporates The Script’s consistent style of musical compositions although the content is about ‘empowering people’. While recording the latest album, Danny O’ Donogue mentioned how everything felt larger than life on stage and they wanted to portray the same impact while recording their latest album. The single has been getting significant airplays on the radio in many countries. The album is to be released on 12th September by Columbia Records.


3)      Alt J’s“This is all Yours” – Four weeks ago, Progressive Electronic and Experimental Rock band, Alt J released their latest single named ‘Hunger of the Pine’ which is scheduled to feature in their latest album “This is all yours”. The latest single incorporates Alt J’s tremendous experimental tone works on the guitar and the vocals. In an interview, the members had mentioned that the vocals were utilised as an extra instrument and was integral to their music. If you follow experimental music, then this is the album for you. The album is to be released on 22nd September by Infectious Records.

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