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5 New Fall T.V Shows to Look Out For This Season

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For many of us, watching our desi television is an archaic idea and we find our comfort in watching American & English TV series. Most of us get to know about a good TV series which we download and get on our laptops through friends only after their 2-3 seasons have elapsed. But here is a solution for all of us to be get in tune with some new shows due to be telecasted this fall.

So before you get to know about these promising shows from your friends a year later on how good they are, here is a list for all shows  to catch up with these shows before they are on screen.

1- State of Affairs:

With Katherine Heigl returning to television after a long break from her well known series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, State of Affairs is a departure for Katherine from her Barbie image by directly landing her into a role of a C.I.A analyst. Heigl plays the role of top security advisor to the American President in this high octane thriller which is definitely an untried field for Heigl.

Premiere Date: November 17



This new T.V series based on characters of D.C Comics and Batman series is a thing to look out for by fans of superhero series. The show will depict the early days of Gordon on the Gotham Police Force and the situations that will culminate in eventually making him the Dark Knight.

Premiere Date: September 22


3-How to Get Away With Murder:

Another T.V series conceptualised by Shonda Rhimes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ & ‘Scandal’, ‘How to get away with murder’ is a legal drama with Viola Davis as the lead who plays a law professor at Philadelphia University. The story is about a murder plot which entangles the lives of the professor and a few ambitious students in this mysterious and thriller drama.

Premiere Date: September 25


4- Marry Me:

This upcoming sitcom is a story of a long time couple Annie and Jake who experience a series of proposals gone amiss only to realise that it is harder than what it looks like. Created by the producer of ‘Happy Endings’ this show seems to be an amusing romantic narrative to be premiered on NBC this fall season.

Premiere Date: October 14


5- Scorpion:

Having nuances of geeky humour from what it appears from the trailer clips, ‘Scorpion’ is a show about a team of eccentric geniuses coming together to solve some high-tech crimes for the government. It’s a dramatised version of real life IT genius Walter O’Brien and who had his network of nerdy prodigies to tackle national issues of cyber crime.

Premiere Date: September 22



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