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University Gigs comes out with their first production- ‘Perfect Wedding’

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University Gigs with the tagline ‘Gig unto eternity’ is a theatre group based out of students from various colleges across Delhi who wish to perform arts on stages.

Akhil and Pallav met in January 2014 for a stage play to be held in February. They were given subsidiary roles for that play, were unsatisfied and realized they could do a lot better if they come along and that is how this idea came into being. Akhil Vishnu Nair, Pallav Kumar and Arpan Molri formed a group, bringing together nine Rookie Thespians from colleges across Delhi including College of Vocational Studies, Gargi College and Shri Venkateswara College. This group started off their journey on the 20th of March 2014.

They intent to blur the existing demarcation of college, bring the aspirants under one umbrella and give them the exposure to outcast their talent. ‘University’ in the name is representative of Delhi University, the common connect for the members and ‘Gigs’is reflective of their attitude towards artists and their renditions, combining the two, they came out with their identity as University Gigs.

When asked about where they got inspiration from, Pallav, one of the Co-founders said, “I was really bored while I was doing my masters and out of boredom, I decided to do something creative. We starting working on the script, started looking for members and sponsors (which are hard to find, when you are a start-up). For the first play to come we have invested our own money because honestly, making profit is not our motive, it’s all out of our love for theatre.”

With their first production- Perfect Wedding (An indianised adaptation of Robin Hawdon’s Perfect Wedding) directed by Pallav and Akhil, coming out on Saturday, 9th of August, they wish to bring out many more art forms like dance, film making, stand up acts and street plays in future.

We wish them good luck in all their future endeavors!

 Image Credits: www.getyourlogo.in

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