Pretentious Nights with Kanan and Biswa

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15th August , 2014 marked not only India’s 68th Independence Day but it was also the day when the two very popular and much loved comedians , Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath performed 3 back-to-back shows , titled  ” Pretentious Nights” at Epicentre , Gurgaon. Biswa and Kanan are known for their pretentious movie reviews series on youtube which is basically a sarcastically critical analysis of everything that is wrong with random, and some popular, bollywood movies.

Pretentious nights was a commentary on typical bollywood movies addressing issues like what makes a hero, heroine, villain and comedian. The duo was able to take certain very cliched bollywood themes and turn them into their own.   Biswa’s classic mimicry of Johnny Lever and Kanan’s comical timing and charm made the show a laugh riot. The act was concluded by what they do best-A Pretentious Movie Review. The movie reviewed was Desi Spiderman.  The movie in itself goes beyond anyone’s imagination, and the only ingredient required to make someone burst out with uncontrollable laughter was their wit.

The hour long show was carried forward by a series of diagrams and graphs, which according to Biswa were hard to be comprehended by the audience of an Arts background. The comedy act was coupled by interactions with the audience. The cheers and laughs never stopped.

The popularity of the duo was evident by the raid of the stage, at the end of the show, for selfies.While Biswa chose to run back stage, Kanan stayed awhile to get clicked.

This show marked the first of its kind-Pretentious Nights.While the whole of India has been dying for this show to happen in their city, Gurgaon was lucky to host them first. However, in view of the exciting show and insane fan following of the two, we know that Pretentious Nights and Pretentious Movie Reviews has a long way to go!

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