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Seven most irritating things only left handed people would know!

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For most of us out here, our right hand is of prime importance and left hand is a supporting one. However, not many but a significant number of people around are the ones who use their left hand for activities like eating, writing etc. The world has had numerous famous left handed people like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Amitabh Bachchan and Kapil Sharma to name a few, however not many know that using your left hand is not the opposite of using your right hand. It has to its credit, many more complications.

So on International Left hander’s Day today, we hereby present, seven irritating and unique things only left handed people could relate to:

1. It hurts but I never show, this pain you’ll never know.

It could be writing on the spiral registers or the three steel  ring binder, either you compromise with the writing speed or your handwriting, because if not, it is going to hurt, for the spiral/steel rings press into your hand, and that is as annoying as uncomfortable.


2. It is all designed for them ‘right handed’ people!

Be it the chairs placed at numerous tuition centers with special platform to write on, or the scissors, they are all designed for the right handed people. We left handed people are so not cared for in this regard.


Even your favorite coffee mug needs to be held in the right hand so that its prettier side faces out.  The numeric keys are on the right hand side of the key board. Sad life people, sad life.



3. Answer-sheets get smudged, hand gets inked.

No matter what degree of care you intend to exercise, this my friend is unavoidable.

inked it

4. The religious side to it.

Be it performance of any religious activities, left hand is totally banned to be used and right hand refuses to act despite of repeated reminders to the brain. Consequently, all you can do is feel embarrassed and make a fool out of yourself.



5. People stare.

Left handed people usually develop a different style of writing that suits them best and makes them write in flow, but people find it absurd and never forget to stare and make comments at times.




6. Elbows collide.

Be it the classroom desk or the dinner table, left handed people can never sit peacefully with right handed people sitting left of them, for the elbows keep colliding with each other.


7. The Question Hour.

Like so much of discomfort wasn’t enough, the prying eyes of people always follow you. Not to forget the most irritating questions that follow like –

  • OMG! You are left handed?”

  “No No, I am just bored.”

  • “So you do everything with your left hand?”

“No no, of course not, what makes you think so?”

they will be

  • How can you write with your left hand?

       Just like you do, with your right hand bro, just like that.


With all these funny little things, we celebrate the uniqueness of all left handed folks out there.

Here’s wishing all our left handed readers a happy International Left Handers Day 2014!



Mridul Sharma is a final year B.Com (Honors) aspirant from DCAC, a patron of meaningful cinema and good soft music and has deep love for writing. He is more of a poet, feels whatever he writes and writes to understand what he feels, a little better. Currently, the Associate Web Editor at DU Beat, he is looking forward to his final year and can be contacted at [email protected]

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