Interview with YouTubers: Sahil Bedi and Pranjal Narang

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YouTube-ing has become the latest trend in the Internet world. What makes it so appealing?
A few months back Sahil Bedi uploaded a video of a ‘social experiment’ to assess the number of people who would help a rape victim in need. Out of 20 people only 3 of them reacted. This video was later played on mainstream media channels and received critical acclaim from countries like Japan, USA, Brazil, UK, Mexico, Canada and Australia too. However his videos are not restricted to ‘serious content’. He and his friend, Pranjal Narang often go on expeditions to earn ‘kisses’ and ‘hugs’ from women and men respectively. We had the opportunity to talk to them. Here, is what they had to say:


Was starting a YouTube channel preplanned? Were you expecting your first video to be so successful?

Sahil: Well, I actually had a lot of followers on and we did sort of expect a lot of views the first night but the magnitude of the views gave us confidence to make it a full time project. We were actually accepted by three major universities in UK but I left them for a career in YouTubing.

Pranjal: Haha, we had been planning to start our YouTube channel even before our board exams started. Just as our exams ended, we took to executing our plans. I still remember we were placing bets on how many views we would get. I placed my bet on 1500 views but then it turned out to be around 2000 views on the first night.


What advice would you want to give to people who don’t have the necessary equipment to start a ‘good’ channel?

Sahil: There can be no ‘good’ videos without proper equipment. That is a ‘must’. As far as content is concerned you just need to have fun with what you are doing.

Pranjal: In our first video, we were using a crappy portable microphone. We had to try and make sure that what we were saying was audible. We had to add subtitles to our video too. After that we realized we had to get a good microphone.

The video about the social experiment went viral and received massive critical acclaim. Why do you think people were attracted to it?

Sahil: Given the recent rise in the frequency of rapes in India, I think people connected to it instantly. I uploaded the video days after the Badaun Rape case came into limelight. That might have been one of the contributing factors.

Are you planning to do such social experiments in the future?

Sahil: To be very frank I don’t think I will be doing any such videos in the near future. The reason being, that I don’t want people to perceive me as a person who is a ‘teacher’. I don’t want people to call me the ‘social professor’ or something like that.

Then what are your plans in terms of content for the future?

Sahil: Instead of projecting myself as a ‘social professor’, I’d like to be the guy whom people would see as an ‘entertainer’. I want to be viewed as a funny guy, like I am in real life. I think I will start focussing more on pranks and skits from now on.

It’s time for a critical question. Did you guys upload the videos like ‘almost picking up girls using cheesy pickup lines’ and the ‘kissing prank’ just to get views and subscriptions?

Sahil: No, to be very frank. We had actually made up our minds about what we were going to do. We went ahead with our plans and thankfully it was appreciated by the people. As said before, I had a lot of followers on and was expecting a lot of views due to that.


What was your purpose then behind such videos?

Pranjal: See, I believe India is starting to be more open and adopting certain aspects of westernisation. We wanted to see how Indian women would react to it. We were pretty impressed by the fact that we received a positive reaction and that women, who were hesitant in the beginning ended up breaking the social barriers which our society has placed on them. It’s good to see that Indians are moving on the right track.

I like the fact that you used a current affairs topic and used it creatively for your video. I am citing to the video ‘India on Sex Education’ where you quote the Health minister who believes ‘Aids can be curbed with sanskaar rather than condoms’.

Sahil: Yes, It was actually something that swept me off my feet. It was something that I had not expected and I thought it would be fun to ask people about what they thought about it. The reactions however were extremely funny.

Have you ever been mobbed by fans?

Sahil: Haha, yes this week we were at a mall and were asked to give autographs and pose in pictures with a lot of fans. It’s funny how random people just end up recognizing us.

Pranjal: I still have a photo of the first autograph I gave. I have a lot of photos with fans. It’s a surreal experience. We really love meeting people.

Post Script: While the interview was on, there was a lady who recognized them and appreciated them for their work.


I realised that you have been collaborated with a production house namely, “Runaway Productions’. How did the deal come up?

Sahil: Yes we were actually contacted by them when we had a considerable amount of subscribers. I am actually going to meet them in Bangalore this week. They are planning to sign me for 3 years and want to make me their ‘public figure’ or ‘channel ambassador’.



When you look at musicians like Kurt Cobain, who gave up his life just because his record company asked him to be more commercial, do you find yourself in a similar position? As in getting signed by a production company, does that make you feel as if you might not have your way sometimes?

Sahil: That’s an interesting question. I know that Production companies can get on your nerves sometimes, but I’m sure my production company is going to be supportive of my ideas. Primarily, that is what they are going to sign me for.

Have you tried to contact any YouTuber or has anyone contacted you after your recent success?

Sahil: Yes I had been contacted by ‘Sofloantonio’ and was asked how I managed to get so many views on my kissing prank video.


Are you a twitter friendly YouTuber? Do you communicate with your fans on Twitter?

Sahil: I have not managed to get the hang of twitter yet. I am available on Facebook but the majority of my fans communicate with me on


Sahil, you are in Sri Vekateswara College. Did people recognize you? And Pranjal you are going to Canada for your studies. So what are your plans?

Sahil: Yes, there were a few people who did recognize me in my college. They did take photographs with me. It felt cool attending the first day of college. I really am interested in joining many societies. I heard they are fun.
Pranjal: Yes, I am going to Canada for my higher education. I am planning to start my own channel there.


Finally, how big do you want to be? Do you see a time when people will start wearing your T – Shirts?

Sahil: Yes I really want to become a successful YouTuber. I want to be an entertainer and be respected for the right reasons. I think I am on the right track and would love to see people wearing my T – shirts.


You can find Sahil Bedi on Facebook here.

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