AmbitionME: A blend of flavours!

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AmbitionME, an online portal, is a unique contest platform which specifically targets college students across the country. It’s an innovative idea which germinated in 2012 and started its main operations from October, 2013. The brain child of Prashi Agarwal, Varsha Sarkar and Vishal Haria, AmbitionME was conceptualized by starting with workshops for students of various universities to find out their interests and hobbies.  A year and a half was devoted to research and field work. And then started the quest to expand and make it into a fully fledged website which initially focused on career centric activities. However, over the time, the founders have branched into a variety of interests ranging from technical, management business to movies, lifestyle, sports etc. AmbitionME provides various incentives for taking and winning contests such as cash prizes, career advice, merchandise and internships.

The main objective of AmbitionME is to provide balanced flavors. The story behind AmbitionME is the desire to help youngsters “experience” the careers they are dreaming of, before taking the final dive. The biggest of the company lies in its experienced founding team whose focus is on gameification and an interactive atmosphere with its 10,000 users. The weakness and threats lie in the gestation period of starting such a business and its competitors.

Currently, a fun campaign titled ‘BeBetter, in collaboration with Naukri.com, Healthcard etc, is on, which encourages the participants to be creative. Various other programs like the Mint internships and other contests have been a hit in the past.

According to Ms. Prashi, one of the founders of AmbitionME, “We want to provide students an enriching experience and want to expand from being local to global.” The future plans of the venture are to aggressively raise funds and to reach out to more users.

Ishita Sharma

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