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The Orientation Express- checklist for the batch of 2017

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The college societies of Delhi University go on to define the college experience for students but the process is truly daunting for freshers. So we’ve put together a few tips that’ll help you get through the process.

Apply for societies as they truly enhance your college experience

“My advice to all the ‘fuchhas’ would be to definitely join a society in college. It’s the only way I survived my first year. There’s a lot to learn. More than your classes would teach you.”
– Savera Hota, Member Sparx, Gargi College

“The problem of choosing between societies however isn’t faced by students of St. Stephen’s College by virtue of Open Societies.
Open societies keep it both interesting and challenging as we try to balance between putting up your best presentation and providing maximum opportunities. Being open doesn’t guarantee all saints as you run the risk of attracting (albeit on a temporary basis) people who don’t care too much about theatre.”
– John Koshy, Secretary, ShakeSoc St. Stephen’s College

Stay updated

Keep track of the schedule being followed by various societies for their respective orientation and selection processes. Most societies are extremely proactive (some take it too far with the spamming) so there isn’t a shortage of sources of information.

Less is not more

There exist two schools of thought here, some seniors believe that you should try out for all the societies and then choose later while others believe that you should shortlist first so you can focus better. The majority prefers the former because selection processes are extremely competitive. So try out for as multiple societies quite like Science students sitting for law, BBA and every other unrelated entrance on the planet as a backup to their Engineering.

Try to get specific information rather than generic information that only leaves you more confused

The crucial tip for you to keep in mind is that all societies are different and are looking for different things. We have put together a few messages from different societies on the audition process.

Dramatics societies in DU are both famous and well infamous for their audition processes with societies like Ibtida gathering crowds from all over North Campus to watch the selections. The advice however is simple – Endure.

“My advice would be that if you’re passionate about any art form dance music or theatre and you are ready to put all your heart into it as a member of the society and as someone who loves their art. Then please go audition without thinking of an outcome. A talent never hides.”
– Lakshvir Singh Saran, Players Member, KMC

College debating is a whole different ball game that requires students to unlearn what they did in school debating.

“Focus on the reasoning of the arguments, rather than on things like quotes and statistics. Try to keep a calm mind and speak as slowly and clearly as possible. Take a few seconds and compose your thoughts before answering the interjections.
– Tanya Sahai, General Secretary, Debating Society Hindu College

In contrast to traditional societies, Enactus exposes students to the idea of social entrepreneurship.

“We are looking for individuals who are not only sensitive to the challenges faced by society today, but also possess the aptitude to apply their understanding of entrepreneurship to improve the lives of communities in need. We need to see the conviction to pursue ideas and the drive to make a difference.”
-Mihika Sharma, Enactus SRCC

Be confident but not overconfident or cocky, as seniors aren’t really looking for a Sheldon Cooper or House like demeanour

Lastly we wish you luck and hope that you find what you’re looking for!

Akash is a student of Economics at SRCC who believes that Foundation Courses are not what we deserve and sure as hell are not what we need right now. Subtly inserting Dark Knight Quotes into everything he isn’t much of a writer. He doesn’t read books, probably because he spends his time swimming, debating, watching good movies and still believing in the Livestrong message. He doesn’t really care about using good language but definitely thinks people should exercise restraint when it comes to hashtags. Livestrong and Prosper!

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