DFMC- From a Club to a Company

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We all are aware of the amount of talent that resides in Delhi University. More than often, this talent struggles to find a direction and right platform. Documentary and Film Making Club or DFMC is one such start-up by Ansh Agarwal, a Delhi University student. While making a short film, the idea of the need of a banner and credits made the team launch DFMC which was founded on 3rd March 2013 with a motive to make better short films and use greater talent at college level. Now, the club is a company which is hoped to go global soon.

Presently, DFMC operates in bringing together artists from various fields which is independent film making and music as of now. The interested artists can reach the club through docs.dfmc.in and submit their details and samples of their performances. When the network launches, scheduled for coming mid-August, the artists will be given a space to upload their content and reach the masses.

Moreover, other than a well-designed network where upcoming interested actors, directors and musicians can search for exactly what their work requirements are, considering their professional interests, it also provides all the artists to view and learn from each other’s works which they can also rate in terms of performance. The highly rated pieces are planned to be recommended directly to the respective film and music industry.

According to Ansh, the Chairman and CEO of DFMC, “In today’s time it’s pretty easy to follow you dream and do your stuff. But the only way that truly matters is to do what makes other people realize their dreams.” About his vision behind this project, he said, “Our vision is to have a place where each artist is known. If he’s good, he’ll be recognized and will find work.”

A first year student of English in Miranda House, Himanshi can be best described as someone who loves to read, write and sing. She worships Pink Floyd and Kurt Cobain. When not writing quirky lyrics and articles, she can be found singing on the top of her lungs. She wants to spend her life exploring her fixation with country music and Chevy trucks while travelling and writing about it, listening to any Beatles song in the background.

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