UGC asks Delhi University to re engage ad hoc teachers

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On July 21, the Delhi University (DU) colleges were sent instructions by the University Grants Commission (UGC) asking them to‘re-engage’ the ad hoc teachers on the first day of the new academic session who fulfilled the conditions laid by the commission.

“The transition from the FYUP to three year course has disappointed us a lot. We are not happy of the fact that we have become jobless. The university should progress in such a way that the cushion of ad hoc remains unaffected” said a professor appointed on ad hoc basis.

On an average over 4,500 teachers are employed on ad hoc basis by the university and with the scrapping of Four Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP), not only students but also these ad hoc teachers are suffering due to lack of vacancies. The letter sent to the principals of colleges asks them to ‘re-engage those ad hoc teachers on the opening day of the academic session who fulfill the conditions laid down by the UGC and who were in place till the last working day of the previous academic session’.

Nandita Narain, President of Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) says that on the whole, the workload has been stabilized with the scrapping off of FYUP. Ad hoc teachers are in a way happy because they now know that they’ll be teaching valuable subjects. “Although a total of 50 complaints have been received by DUTA regarding the displacement of ad hoc teachers and have been forwarded to UGC. University will soon come out with a notice for introduction of Environmental Studies as a subject to retain the ad hoc teachers”, Nandita Narain added.

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