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Food review: Indus Flavour

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Amidst the variety of cuisines Hudson Lane has to offer to students and by-passers, a new restaurant, Indus Flavour has opened that is offering dishes along the lines of authentic North Indian Cuisine, also introducing some new recipes that belong to the Indus Valley region i.e. dishes from North West Frontier, Punjab and Rajasthan, and also Far East Cuisines.

The Restaurant has two menus, one is Indian and the other is Chinese. While the Chinese Menu offers the regular food items and also Special Student Combos, the Indian Menu introduces a variety of dishes such as Peshawri Paneer Tikka Masala and Dahi Ke Sholay.

Kebab Platter

The food is tasty and experimental, thereby offering a getaway for foodies looking to explore new food joints. The restaurant is a quiet, peaceful place with minimal noise even though it’s located in the heart of Hudson lane. The large red cushion sofas instantly make you comfortable and relaxed.

An all day dining restaurant,  they were the first restaurant in North Delhi to introduce Ipad menus, with Loyalty Programme, wherein the guests add points and can redeem these points on their subsequent visits.

They are the highest rated Vegetarian Restaurant in the whole of Delhi/NCR on Zomato.

Cheese with Gravy or Paneer

The restaurant offers a good variety of kebabs and starters; however the main course is tasty with a lot of variety. Apart from Mint Chutney, they also serve Mango Chutney and Apply Chutney, which are delicious!

They also have a wide array of Mocktails such as Rose Cranberry Martini and Mango Margarita .

Last but not the least, for Students, they have BOGO Offer between 1 to 7 PM, and on Wednesdays,  you get flat 25 % off on your bill if you win the toss! On Thursays, for only girls’ table, you get a starter or main course dish, complimentary from the restaurant!

Not to Miss: Honey Chilly Potato, Dahi ke Sholay, Rose Cranberry Martini, Dal Makhni, Paneer Gravies.

Where: Hudson Lane, Opposite to Old Laxmi Dairy.

Nearest Metro station: G.T.B. Nagar on the yellow line (Exit from Gate No. 4)

Meal for two: Rs 500(plus Taxes)

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