DU releases syllabus for final year for former FYUP batch

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Followed by the release of modified syllabus for the FYUP batch of last year’s Delhi University batch, the officials have also released the new structure for Semester 5 and 6 for them.

The syllabi for B. Tech papers comprised of 3 main subjects for semester 5, 6, 7 & 8 while Basic/Allied Engineering Science papers’ course is yet to be designed and approved by Delhi University. For B.Tech courses of Computer Science, Electronics, Food Technology, Instrumentation and Polymer Science, the main subject papers are decided but allied courses to be notified later by the Academic Council of Delhi University. “Delhi University has put its B.Tech students in a total mess. Though the colleges began their session from 21st July but the teachers for subjects havent’t been allotted yet. Also, where on one side AICTE has claimed that Delhi University also requires their approval for the B.Tech courses, the institution has not spoken anything about this matter”, said Shaurya Sahai of Hansraj College enrolled in B.Tech (Computer Science) For most arts courses like History, Journalism, English there are four main subjects declared that are to be studied in semester 5 and 6. “The system and course structure has been changing since long. Now the students will have to bear the double burden of the number of DC1 subjects they have been studying. This equals to more pressure amalgamated with unrevised syllabus”, said Himanshi pursuing English Honours at Miranda College.

The modified course structure for students of Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons) comprises of 2 main subject papers each semester while the students will be required to make a choice of one area from Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management of Global Business, Management of Services or Tourism Management and continue the same area in Semester 6. The syllabi for Bcom Honours and Economics Honours also contains 4 subjects to be studied in Semester 5 & 6 while students pursuing Honours degree in language courses will also be reading 4 main subject papers for both semesters.

The complete syllabus for B. Tech. courses can be found here and others here.

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