Movie Review: Ek Villain

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The movie starts with a murder and ends on a life being saved. While Guru’s (Sidharth Malhotra) background lets one assume that he is the bad-boy-turned-good by Aisha(Shraddha Kapoor), you may still keep thinking if it is he who is the villain everybody’s been talking about. Aisha has a terminal disease and a bucket-full of wishes she wants to fulfill before she dies. Her spirit to live and to remain happy makes Guru fall in love with her, and they get married and start living a happy life. But, right before the interval the whole plot is laid before you and the suspense revealed. Rakesh (Riteish Deshmukh) is the actual villain, a serial killer. He is a middle-class man who is frustrated with his wife’s (Aamna Sharif) bickering and insults. He takes out his frustration on any woman who says even a single negative word to him. He thus, kills Aisha right in the beginning. Oh, and what is his weapon of misery, a Screwdriver.

Be warned, viewer! The moment you realize the suspense has been revealed, you would expect the movie to end. The interval tells you it is just the beginning. And, you will expect a hidden suspense. Sorry, folks. There is nothing more to it. It is just Guru beating the hell out of Rakesh in the second part.

That is all there is to the story.

But, you must watch this movie. Why? For Sidharth Malhotra! Even if his previous two endeavors did not make you fall for him, this one surely will. The guy can act, and quite well. His dark character, intense, smile-deprived looks and the bearded face will make you like a supposed villain. The movie is not about Guru and Aisha. It is not even about Rakesh and Guru. It is just about Guru.

Too much action is sure to be found. So, this is not a typical Mohit Suri aka Aashiqui 2-director film. It has got very cold and harsh action sequences, brutal even. But, when you will find them to be over-bearing, you will take respite with the beautiful and soothing, enough musical to make you croon, songs.

Prachi Desai’s item-number is almost useless.But, Shraddha Kapoor, she is quite a package in the movie. You will keep wishing she is alive somehow, as a pity on Guru’s tear-flooded eyes. But, she won’t be. Yet, her expressions and her dialogue-delivery, in the girl-next-door attitude is spot on. She is the reason why the film has certain lightness to it.

Riteish Deshmukh, the comedian deserves to be noted after this role. A villain has succeeded in a movie if and only if the audience gets scared and wishes him/her dead. Rakesh as the psycho-husband serial killer is such a change from his usual acting. He will make you gasp when he hunts a prey. And he will give you a run for your money when he gives a snide smile and says “Aapko dobara shikaayat ka mauka nahin dunga, madam.”

Go watch this movie, you will love every bit of it- the songs, the actors and the story. It is nothing different but that is what Mohit Suri does. He makes a simple, known, not unique story an amazing movie to watch.

Ayesha Sareen

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