Sex Amma

Sex Amma: I am new to the art of love making, he is not, what do I do?

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Q. Dear Amma, I have been dating this guy for two months. He’s quite funny and we get along very well. We have been having phone sex for the past two weeks and we both want to go ahead and do it. My worry is, I have never been with anybody else, and he has. I don’t know what to do or how to do it. I haven’t even kissed. Please help.

 A. Amma just LOVES brave new machchis looking for adventure in the sea of love-making! This will be your first kiss and however clichéd it may sound, first kiss is always memorable. The first thing is not to worry and let it all happen naturally. Sex is natural and you don’t need experts telling you what to do. It’s the body and it’s the mind uniting with another. Don’t fret.

Just start by getting to know each other’s bodies. Discover the little things that make him happy and help him by telling him what you want. Keep a steady conversation going, but don’t let it interrupt the love. Look in his eyes, tell him you love him. Amma is sure things will be wwwonderful! You both have Amma’s blessings, my cute litte idlis!

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