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King’s College London Delhi Summer School’s first session comes to an end

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King’s College London, a premier institute under the University of London, in collaboration with Delhi University recently organised a Summer School session in Delhi. Session 1 of the same which went on from June 2 to June 13 covered three courses, The Art of Leadership, Media, Gender and Culture and International Political Economy. While the first two were held in Lady Shri Ram College for Women, the third course was conducted in Miranda House. All three courses saw more than 40 students per class, with students pouring in not only from various colleges in Delhi, but also from different parts of the country.

The Media, Gender and Culture module of the King’s College Delhi Summer was engaging and turned out to be an eye-opener for most participants. The topics touched upon during the course  ranged from Journalism and news media (from a gender studies angle) to feminism and post-feminism and men and masculinities and activism. The session also included screening of documentaries and an interactive class with eminent film-maker Rahul Roy. “After ten days of intensive and collaborative learning under an encouraging tutor Miss Rachel O’Neill, we were taught to see the world through a critical lens. The course was enriching not only in what the syllabus prescribed but in the kind of discussions we had around the different topics”, said Alankrita Anand, a student of Journalism in LSR.

International Political Economy was taught by Dr.Roberto Roccu and provided insight into the inter disciplinary world of trade, industrial relations and international relations. When asked about his experience, Sahil Grover, a student of Business Studies said, “This course provided me with the perfect opportunity to study both economics and international affairs. My experience was nothing short of brilliant. The interactive teaching style encouraged us to question conventional wisdom and taught us how politics and economics reinforce each other”.

The third course taught during Session 1 was The Art of Leadership, with Mr.Mark T Fliegauf as the teacher. This course was very practical in nature with numerous case studies, hypothetical situations to assess and team activities that the students had to carry out. Among the theoretical concepts, issues of adaptive challenges, crisis management and transformational leadership were touched upon. “I learnt a lot about leadership along with learning about myself and my personality which I think is important!”, said Namrata Kumar, a student of Philosophy.  “In the workshop we explored new ways of looking at leadership issues and how to assess them. And I am sure that all of us have picked up certain tips and skills from the various case studies and activities which will help us in future”, added Toshan Majumdar who studies in Shiv Nadar University.

As a part of the course the students also had to submit various assignments and a thesis based on the subject they took up. Session 2 of King’s College London Summer School in Delhi started from the 16th of June. This session covers International Relations and is being held at Miranda House.


Image credits: Manav Kohli

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