Delhi Students Meet Dr. Harshwardhan to demand quota in Delhi University

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On Tuesday, a delegation of students raising their demand to get quota for Delhiites in Delhi University met the Union Minister of Health- Dr. Harshwardhan to address the issue. Dr. Harshwarshan had reportedly assured the students to take up the matter with Mrs. Smriti Irani, Union Minister for Human Resource Development.

The argument for reservation of Delhi students in Delhi University traces its roots back to when AAP and BJP promised state wise quota in their manifestos for elections of Delhi Legislative Assembly. The students of Delhi are demanding 85% quota since every other state university provides for students of their state.

“I strongly believe that it is the need of the hour. Delhi students are forced to migrate to other universities due to rising cut offs. Other universities do have state quotas so why not in DU where there are many 100% state funded colleges”, said Vijay Kapoor, a resident of Delhi and a student of Economics Honours in Delhi University, in support of the quota. However, not all students favour this proposition.  “A child’s future should not be decided on the basis of the state he belongs to but on his credentials. Since there is a similar level exam by CBSE then there is no need of partiality to students of the native state. It is quite irrelevant as it is not uplifting the deprived section of the society but giving priority to a population on the basis of region in which they live which is unfair”, said Rahul Anand, a B. com Hons student in DU from Kota.

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