DU student commits suicide over harassment

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A 19 year old student, who was pursuing B.Com (Hons.), via a correspondence course from the University of Delhi, was found hanging from a ceiling fan at her Krishna Nagar  residence on Wednesday. What was more shocking was that she had left a note on a table  which mentioned that the reason for her taking such extreme steps were in a video message on her mobile phone.

The body of the student was found by her father, who had just returned from work at around 11: 45 PM. On examining the video message it was found that she had been deeply frustrated with a group of five people, among which trio of two brothers and a sister who were their neighbors had been regularly harassing and stalking herher. She has named them in the video.The brothers identified as, Joginder and Sonu often passed lewd comments and taunted her with obscene gestures. The others would also join in the act. The duo including their sister had beaten her and her mother in August last year after a complaint was lodged for harassment against the families living in their neighborhood. The brothers were arrested then but were let out on bail.

As a part of initial investigations, it was found out that the deceased was severely depressed after her fiance had turned down their marriage, due to the inability of their family to provide him with a car. Her fiance was detained under the charges of abatement to suicide. Although when the video was viewed, a case was registered under the same charges yet no one was arrested.

The most shocking part of the video was that she mentioned that she held no one responsible inspite of mentioning names of people who were harassing her. As told to newspapers,DCP East Ajay Kumar said, “The student’s family was not on good terms with the neighbors. They had had several disagreements earlier. Investigation is on.”

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