Admissions 2014

BMS Entrance Exam Back On; Final Decision yet to be taken

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Bachelor Of Management Studies, the only undergraduate management course offered by Delhi University, has been seeing quite a few changes in its admissions criteria. As per recent reports, the entrance exam, which was slated for cancellation, is back on.

With the course being only 1 year old, the admission criteria changed last year, when a group discussion round was removed from the criteria. Another change that was sought to be implemented this year was the abolition of the entrance exam, and having 12th grade percentage based cut offs for admissions. The proposal, however, faced vehement opposition, with the Principals of the 6 colleges offering this course along with the student body refuting the idea.

As per recent press release from the office of the Dean of Students Welfare, the entrance exam is back on, with an equal weightage being given to the test score and the board percentage. Whether the decision is final or is due for further deliberations is not certain yet. If the new proposal is finally implemented then the personal interview round for the final selection of students will be done away with.

Kritika Relan, a second year student from BMS is uncertain of the outcome. ‘The criteria has been shifting from one to the other. The whole point of a Personal Interview was to judge students holistically. Only having an entrance seems inadequate.’

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