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And they are back – the exams! It’s that part of the year when most students abandon (or surrender!) their gadgets & vow to stay away from these tempting-yet-malicious devices! After all it’s exam time! While that’s quite an acceptable viewpoint, what I say is, why lose it when you can use it? We present some apps (Free)  for your smartphones, which will help you in preparing for your exams this semester and study smarter!


Hate learning those lengthy answers?  Well, let’s simplify things a bit!

SimpleMind introduces an innovative way of learning. The app allows you to create colorful mind maps. A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information.  You can create colorful  spider diagram which make things easier to learn and subsequently, easier to remember. The diagrams organize lengthy answers by providing a structure, and make concepts clearer to understand & simple to memorize!   The app is also very effective for revisions!


A paid version with extended functionality is also available.

The Android / iOS app can be downloaded for Free from www.simpleapps.eu/simplemind

Self Control for Study

You are sitting with your textbook in hand, all psyched up, giving your full attention.  And your BFF just pinged you on WhatsApp!  It’s almost impossible to resist!  You check it out, have a brief conversation with your friend and notice – You wasted a hell lot of time! Sounds Familiar?

To save you from such distractions SelfControl allows you to block certain apps & websites for a set amount of time. This allows you to fully concentrate on your studies in an uninterrupted manner. However, what makes it more special is the fact that, once blocked, it’s impossible for you to access these apps until the specified time runs runs out!  It doesn’t allow you to unblock these apps -even if you desperately uninstall this application!

Hardcore, isn’t it? But it works!  It’ll help you (as it did for me) realize the amount of time we gain if we aren’t interrupted sporadically! Though the app is not in English, it’s quite user friendly.


Self Control is available on Android for Free

Better Me

For most of us getting up is the most difficult challenge we need to overcome daily in order to study religiously for the exams. Are you conscious about your image in the virtual space? Better Me seeks to discipline you by threatening to ridicule you in on the leading social networks! You can set up alarms for various tasks and set the days of the week you would like to be reminded on. When the alarm rings, you may either snooze it or complete the task you had set up for yourself (waking up in my case!.  If you choose to snooze, the app posts on your Facebook wall a humiliating message calling you weak willed and not being able to fulfil your task! Trust me you, once this happens, you will never (ever!) fail at any task you set up on the app! It’s embarrassing!


Better Me is available for both Android & iOS on www.bettermeapp.co


Stop pasting those sticky notes everywhere around your house! Making chits or Flashcards is a tried & tested way to remember some key points. It also is a great way to revise. StudyBlue is a virtual learning tool which allows you to create flashcards for an efficient and effective revision. Further, it allows you to embed pictures, texts, and recorded speech.  With SyudyBlue, you can study whenever and wherever you want. A paid version of the app is also available with added features.


The app is available on Android & iOS as well as on the web.

Schedule Planner By Intersog

Planning is the first step towards success… As the name suggests, Schedule planner allows you to create an agenda for the day, more so like a timetable. You can add various categories like education, health, meal, etc. What makes it unique is the fact that it allows you to see the actual amount of time you spend doing the tasks you had planned in a colorful pie diagram. It tells you much percentage of your time is consumed by what task!  A paid Pro version is available with more features!


An easy to use & extreme intuitive app, it’s available on Android & iOS

Now you are well equipped to face the exams & prepare efficiently, make the most of them!  All the best!  ^-^


Sidhant Malhotra

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Exudes the curiosity & enthusiasm of a child, yet he surprises you with his tenacity. He prefers being called SyD and is addicted to playing video-games & watching Californication series! Technology is his opium & he is known among his peers for providing effective tech-help (and unconventional relationship advice!). Associated with various organizations & individuals, Syd is extremely fascinated by Human Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Greek & Indian mythology, Cosmology, Natural Magic and of course, Bollywood. He likes to party like there's no tomorrow and lives by the phrase -hakuna matata! Ping him on [email protected] for any assistance or otherwise ^_^

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