Bazinga: SRCC and St. Stephen’s to move out of DU

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Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost believable fake news!

Yes, you probably saw it right! St. Stephens College and Shri Ram College of Commerce have finally given in to the much absurd reforms being brought into India’s top ranked varsity, the Delhi University. According to our sources at SRCC, the authorities had sought an expert panel discussion last week and a subsequent move-out from the aegis of the university was finalised.

The problem and the consequent action is not being seen as a move in haste but a planned event. Both the colleges were already wary of the newly yet naïvely introduced Four Year Undergraduate Programme and had aired their possible move-out last year just after the introduction of this much controversial programme.

After the shocking news, which hit headlines yesterday, reactions are still coming in. A teacher from St. Stephens College who talked to us after we promised anonymity, said, “I have been an admirer of this new concept, FYUP, but the way in which it is being implemented has created an amount of havoc among the students as well as the teachers. Hence, I totally support my college’s move.”  When we asked her, if the college’s future would become uncertain on opting out of DU, she said, “St. Stephens is ranked amongst the best in India, not because of the DU tag, but due to the efforts of college authorities, its teachers and its excellent students, and none of them would go after we move out, hence we will retain our position at the top.”

Another teacher Ms. Rotu Hasta of SRCC said, “The admiration we have received till date is partly because of the college’s own efforts and partly due to Delhi University’s legacy and position. I am unsure if we will be able to survive without the university’s tag.”

Students of both the colleges are facing a dilemma on the same. With some supporting the move and others against it, mixed reactions are being seen. Protest marches have been arranged by the unions of both the colleges who are against the decision. “We will not turn down our protests till the decision is revised. They are putting our future in danger”, said a senior member of St. Stephens’ union.
DU authorities who might be a bit worried as of now, have refused to comment. Though sources tell us that constant phone calls are being made to the authorities of both the colleges through back channels to instigate them to revert the decision. Speculations have it, that a possible retraction of the FYUP has also been offered by DU to both the colleges.  Keep tuned to the latest updates on the same.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost believable fake news!

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