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CVS' Bizkrieg 2014 comes to an end with a blend of business and history

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Preliminary rounds for Bizkrieg 2014, the Finance and Investment Cell of College of Vocational Studies organised the final rounds with select teams who made it through. The morning of 7th April saw a turnout of around 150 participants who reached Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute in North Campus, geared up for the various finance and management based events lined up for the day. The formal attire of the competitors added to the corporate aura that the organisers had hoped to create for the event. The day started off with the Opening Ceremony during which the Chief Guest, Mr. Upkar Joshi, the Financial Planning Manager at HSBC, addressed the students. After that, it was time for the competitive events! The participants and teams from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, College of Vocational Studies and Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce were the frontrunners in nearly all the events. During the course of the day the following competitions took place; The Schindler- Best Manager, (Bizkrieg’s flagship event), The Belfort- Best Marketer, The Gekko- Mock Stock, The Sheldon- Business Quiz and The Clash of Titans- Contingent Task. All the events, though based on core business skills, had a twist of historical elements mixed in them. The highlight of the event was The Schindler and The Belfort. In the quest to find the best manager and best marketer respectively, the participants were put through a series of tasks which included stress interviews and crisis situations that they had to crack using their presence of mind. The Schindler in particular had an innovative task which saw the participants take on the role of an official from the East India Company, who had to answer gruelling questions from an organising committee member posing as Aurangzeb! The questions were centred on a hypothetical situation that had been presented to the students wherein Aurangzeb’s ship, along with a bounty and his relatives, had been captured by an English Pirate. Nandita Jaitley from CBS took home the title of The Best Manager while Mahima Dissoria from the same college came second. Sanjivni from CVS was adjudged the Best Marketer for her creativity and spontaneity while Jashan Gupta and Aakash Singhla from CBS came first in the Mock Stock event.  The Sheldon, the business quiz was won by Anuraag Gupta and Tanmay Garg from SGGS, after they made their way through the intensive yet innovative rounds of quizzing. Ecovision from CBS took home the award for the Contingent Task, the Clash of Titans. 10176222_599212570168834_1678083956316941725_n With that, the first edition of Bizkrieg came to an end. Sasha Mongia, who is a part of CVS’s Finance and Investment Cell, told us that the participants had all shared positive feedback with the organising team and even praised their hospitality. Mahima Dissoria from CBS confirmed that by saying, ‘I liked the creativity of the events and it was clear that a lot of effort had been put in to them. The attention to detail ensured that all competitions were carried out in a synchronised and smooth fashion’.  With inputs from Meenakshi Kukreja and Anumeha Grover Image courtesy: Team FIC, CVS]]>

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