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Six things Game of Thrones fans are looking forward to in Season 4

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Dracarys! After the end of How I Met Your Mother, it’s time to lose ourselves in the magical world of Westeros and Essos in the fantasy HBO television series, Game of Thrones, based on the popular novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. For those of us who haven’t read the books, there are many questions left unanswered and many mysteries yet to be revealed! As we gear up for season 4, DU Beat takes a look at six things the viewers are looking forward to the most!

[Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen season 3 yet!]

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! Do we want to see more of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons? Yes! The ‘Mother of Dragons’ has done a fine job taming the only dragons left, North and South of the wall. Now it’s time for them to be put to action! Whether they go up against humans as we’ve been seeing till now or the White Walkers, remains to be seen! The latter would definitely be fascinating.


The fate of the (remaining) Starks: The clan portrayed as the protagonists of the show seem to have all died tragically with the exception of the children – Bran, Arya, Sansa and Rickon. While Sansa is living in King’s Landing against her will, Bran is discovering his powers as a Warg or ‘skinchanger’, Rickon’s existence in the story has sadly not played a very important part till now and Arya is burning in the fire of revenge with her new potential ally, the Hound. Will the fierce Arya finally take the limelight and score some Lannisters with her ‘needle’, after episodes of repeating and memorising the names of everyone she vows to kill? Will the handicapped Bran, being towed by Hodor, be able get inside the minds of his enemies? Or is there something better awaiting us?

Tyrion’s condition and whereabouts: Clearly the only Lannister most viewers like, the trailers of season 4 have had us wondering why he is shackled. Whose prisoner is he? He seems to have lost Shae’s trust and the rest of his family doesn’t like him either (not that they were very fond of him to begin with!). In fact, after Jaime’s return, do the Lannisters even need the half-man? Life-in-danger and conspiracies detected.


Cercei and Jaime’s relationship: The twins and the incestuous parents of Joffrey Baratheon, the couple is finally reunited at the end of season 3. With Robb Stark dead and Jaime back in King’s Landing, the Lannisters are undoubtedly in their most powerful times ever, since the war for the Iron Throne began. Though we certainly can expect Tywin and the Tyrells to openly challenge the two’s relationship.

The role of the White Walkers: Curtains fell on season 3 with hundreds of White Walkers, marching towards Westeros from beyond the wall. What role will these creatures be playing in the upcoming season?


Theon Greyjoy’s possible rescue: Most of us spent a large portion of the previous season wondering who Theon’s mysterious and cruel torturer was! Though we didn’t feel all that bad for him, it was an unanswered question till the end. Will Yara be able to rescue to her brother from Ramsay in the coming season?

Another question that still eludes is, when exactly is ‘winter coming’? It’s been 3 years since the phrase started echoing from all parts of the kingdom. Also, let’s just say that we’re hoping for the death of a particular Baratheon soon.

We’ll have to wait for the new season for a lot of those answers! One thing is for sure, we can definitely expect brutally crafted battle scenes, acts of vengeance and passion, along with startling turns and many more deaths; all in the quest for the Iron Throne.  As they say, valar morghulis.


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