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NLUs dominate the winners tally at Shri Ram Debating Festival

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The 9th Shri Ram Debating Festival (SRDF) came to a close on the 24th of March after four days of non-stop debating action. The festival organized by the SRCC Debating Society comprised of four events. The tournament was a semi-closed event and hence allowed for participation from both undergraduate and postgraduate institutions, however no institutional crosses were allowed. The highlight of course was the Parliamentary Debate called Crossfire that had a total of 28 participating teams.

The Shri Ram Memorial Conventional debate was closely contested over two rounds of debating that saw each team speak both for and against the motion. Eventually, NLIU Bhopal emerged as victors and Jindal Global Law School was the runner up team. The best speaker was Parnil from NLIU Bhopal and Rahul Seth from NLU Delhi won the prize for best interjector.

Renegade, that was the turncoat debate, saw many debaters come and contradict themselves as they spoke both for and against the motion in a span of four minutes. Yash and Aparna from NLIU Bhopal took the 1st and 2nd prize respectively followed by Rahul Seth from NLU Delhi who came third.

Synergy, the group discussion, had a preliminary round followed by semi finals and finals. The finals saw a tie between Sanchith from NUJS and Rahul Seth from NLU Delhi. Third place went to Phalguni from KMC.

Crossfire followed 3 vs 3 Asian’s parliamentary Debating format. The tournament followed the system of quarters break that saw 8 teams progress past the prelims. The adjudication core at SRDF comprised of Aashay Sahay, Eashan Ghosh, Siddhartha Thyagarajan, Aditya Verma and Noopur Sen as internal adj core.

The finals were contested between Law Faculty (Saad, Shobhit, Vibhor) and St. Stephen’s College (Jagat, Avani, Nidhaanjit). On a 4-3 split in the finals, St. Stephen’s College emerged as victors. The prize for best adjudicator went to Rahul Seth from NLU Delhi.

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