Humouroscope: 23rd – 30th March, 2014

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ARIES: The stars ask you just this one question, “Aap Roadie kyun ban na chahte hain?”

TAURUS: Sorry, but your Mom will discover your secret stash of Baba Sikandar Bangaali’s ‘medicines’.

GEMINI: Go buy those lucky draw coupons, chances are that you will win a new washing machine.

CANCER: You will find your favourite professor squatting on the curb smoking beedi with 3 Rupai ki chai and fruit bun.

LEO: Your caller tune shall automatically change to Sweety Sweety Sweety tera pyaar chaida.

VIRGO: If you are trying to write a book, then the pen name- DOLLY DAGGER will bring you great luck.

LIBRA: Your partner is going to make you watch re- runs of Uttaran till your brain drips out of your ear.

SCORPIO: You will receive a special package of Sorghum from Burkina Faso. Hide it from the cops.

SAGITTARIUS: No one will marry you if you don’t make round rotis.

CAPRICORN: Go to each and every college fest and sing Wavin’ Flag on the Karaoke podium, the audience shall swoon.

AQUARIUS: You will go to see Les Miserables and come out feeling More Miserables.

PISCES: After playing for three years, you’ll find out that the only thing you actually grow on Farmville is lonely.

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