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Junkyard Groove rocks day two of Venky’s Nexus

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After a major chunk of the day’s activities were washed out due to the largely unexpected rain, Nexus 2014 organisers made it a point not to disappoint the attendees by still holding the Rock Night performances at a different venue. The venue was shifted from the outdoor stage area to the college foyer. This did cause the crowd to thin out and left the performers to deal with a space crunch but none of this deterred the Nexus spirit.

The first performance was the opening act for Junkyard Groove- Dhruv Vishvanath Trio (DVT). They played an all original set consisting of three songs, and covered a small part of the more than famous Daft Punk song Get Lucky as a crowd pleaser.


After this, the main attraction for the night, Junkyard Groove took the stage and the energy soared. However, a few technical snags marred the initial part of their performance and they had to take a short break. But once they resumed, they played with amazing musical prowess. Out of a set that lasted close to an hour they obviously played favourites such as It’s Ok and Folk You, but also in the middle to switch things up a bit covered the Pearl Jam song Animal and went on the riff Sweet Child of Mine, taking the crowd by surprise both times.

Once this performance concluded with the solo of It’s Ok, both the crowd and the band looked more than happy with the performance. Simultaneously, a sufi night featuring the Sabari Brothers taking place in the auditorium foyer. The two events were followed by the choreography competition, that went on late into the night, causing a slight scuff with the police which was soon sorted out, bringing Day two of Nexus 2014 to a close.

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