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Of dust, discounts and Delhi- Daryaganj Sunday Book market

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Known to have begun around 1964, the weekly book market at Old Delhi’s Daryaganj is said to be one of the oldest regular book markets of the city. Every Sunday, hundreds of early birds flock to this place to grab their share of the charm of the old dusty page.

In the mile long stretch between Delite cinema and the Jama Masjid bridge sit tens of vendors selling books of all ranges, sizes and prices. The books are all spread on the floor and thus much of the walking space is reduced, which causes congestion and restricts movement. However, it must be borne in mind that the consequences of putting a bibliomaniac in a place that offers books for as low as Rs.10 can be border-line suicidal. Pushing is the most natural instinct of some people and they become an environmental hazard.

Acting in a nonchalant way on finding a book is a good way to obtain a good discount as the book vendors are known to shoot up or bring down the prices on the basis of the reactions they get to their books. Certain book sellers offer books under Rs.50 as part of exchange offers. Apart from this, the market attracts a large number of students who are preparing for various competitive examinations, as competition books are otherwise quite expensive. Second hand books offer the best scope for bargain and depending on your bargaining skills you can avail a high/low discount rate.

The market is surely an interesting avenue for people who not only love to read but who also love to collect books and literary works. Old editions of magazines, newspapers of erstwhile important dates are also found but the looker must be ready for exhausting treasure hunts.

A book lover or no, a reader or no, the place is definitely worth going to atleast once, to go back to the old world charm of purani dilli and to get a little bit of dust, a little bit of discount, and a little bit of Delhi.

Nearest metro station- New Delhi (Note- take the exit from Ajmeri Gate side)

Image Credits: www.enjoyourholiday.com

[email protected];I think my life would be much better off if I’d make as much effort in reading books as much as I do in buying them. A bibliophile through and through, I possess a keen interest in the history of art and museums and I believe that walking with oneself is the best form of adventure. On a more random (a.k.a siddhi) note, my dream destination is the Rann of Kuttchh, because I find it oddly displaced in time, an entirely different story, and that’s how I truly want to be.

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