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Miranda House’s Philosophy department to organise ‘GNOSIS 2014’

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The Philosophy Department of Miranda House is all set to organise their annual festival “GNOSIS” powered by “Luxury Connect Business School” on 28th February. The fest is centralized on the theme “The Ethics and the Green Footprints”.

GNOSIS 2014 is an initiative to help create Green Awareness and spread awareness for maintaining the ecological balance and moving in a greener direction.


The program will commence at 10:00 am with a talk by the following speakers:

– Dr Pragati Sahani, Faculty, Department of Philosophy

– Ms Pallavi Agarwala, Environment Activist, Daily Dump

The talk will be followed by four competitive events with exciting prizes worth Rs 20,000 to be won:

– Perspective, The Debate Competition

-Time and Tune, The Indian Music Group Competition

-Latitude, The Photography Competition

-Phoenix, The ‘Kabaad se Jugaad’ Competition

For further details, visit the festival’s facebook page.

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