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7 annoying things about Valentine’s Day

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The day of love, like everything else, means different things to different people – some enjoy it all by themselves, some go the movies and dinner with their significant other, and yet some feel entirely nauseated by the public display of affection and sheer commoditization of feelings. Geez, you don’t need to talk about your love life 24/7, nor do you need expensive life sized stuffed toys screaming ‘I love you’ or things to that effect. What you need is for someone to actually be there for you when your test results aren’t so good and you’ve had a fight with your folks and the world is not really a happy place. Regardless, on the 14th of February every year, likeminded people and I spot a few of these random annoying things and attempt to reform the idea of love:

1. Coffee shops and restaurants are all ridiculously full

It’s true, Valentine’s is one day of the year where you simply cannot sit at your regular coffee shop and enjoy some food and beverage with your favourite book without looking like a loner craving for love.


2. All the malls, clothing stores and even bookshops have random hearts sketched on their doors

No, that is not going to tempt me or my partner to go in there and buy something we can’t afford to please each other. We’re good, really. Thanks for trying so hard.

3. Everything seems to have been painted red or pink

With advertising becoming this huge industry that impacts our cognitive abilities majorly, you almost feel like advertisers want you to believe that love only comes in certain shades. Cute boy on your right, but oh, he’s wearing blue? Nah. Not my Valentine.


4. But then there are also those annoying fundamentalists who can’t deal with people choosing their partners

We all know these people. Many of us know them personally, and it’s not very nice. I don’t like how love is reduced to expensive gifts, but I think what’s really worth hating is the fact that our society still sees love as a ‘western concept’ unless mediated by the institution of the family and most people don’t think young people have the right to choose their own partners.


5.  There are also creepy conversations everyone has to go through that begin with ‘So, who’s your valentine?’

GODDAMNIT, why should I even answer that?


6. Your parents become increasingly suspicious when you say you’re going out

No mom, it’s not what you think. I actually have a life.


7. You will not be able to stop yourself from overhearing the lovers on the next table

“You are the love of my life…I’ve fallen for you…Your eyes reflect the beauty of your soul” Some of these will make you laugh, so I have to admit it’s worth it sometimes.


I don’t mean to sound heartless, but shouldn’t everyday be a day to love, count your blessings and enjoy the lovely person that your partner is? And even if this one day seems appropriate, is it really worth all the media brainwashing? Why only one way to celebrate? This Valentine’s, do something different with your partner – something you’ll both enjoy and not something you’re made to believe you’ll enjoy.

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