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Ramjas College’s Annual Athletic Meet witnesses large participation

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Ramjas College recently hosted their Annual Athletic Meet, an intra-college sports event organised by the Sports Department of Ramjas from the 11th to 13th of February. The college football ground, which was the venue for the various athletic events, witnessed a great reception on its inaugural day as high levels of energy and enthusiasm seemed to grip the college by its loud and exciting atmosphere.

The Athletic Meet played host to several different categories of competitive events on its first day. In the category of 100 m (Men’s) Sprint races, Praveen, a second year B.A. Program student stood first. The Women’s category for the same resulted in Aruna Chaudhary, another second year B.A. Program student, earning herself a hard earned win. First Year students, Pallav and Divyani from Physics department aced their respective groups of the 400 m race. In Long Jump (Women’s), Sheetal, a second year Economics student won herself the first prize while Mutum Yang Thauba (English student, Third Year) won the same medal from the Men’s division. Finally, Yajneer (B.A.P, Second Year) and Kavita (Physics student, First Year) won the first prize in Shot Put Men’s and Women’s division respectively.


The games and activities of the second day of the meet took place with a more casual and less competitive attitude. Events such as Matka race, Tortoise race, Banana race, among many others, were organised in order to get a larger number of participations. Thus, these fun and light events received a good reception, as it not only invited participations from students, but also drew quite a few members of the college staff.


The final day of the meet witnessed a group of events which were reserved for visually challenged students. This day of the meet, known as ‘Specially Abled Athletics Meet’ included sporting events such as Tug of War, Sack Race, Fun Race and so on. The day finally concluded with a Volleyball match between the students and staff members, with a substantial number of people coming to watch the clash between the two sides.

The three day Sports Meet seemed to be reaching out to a wider audience this year, with attractive posters and banners noticeably helping their cause. Dr. M. Chakravorty, Sports Head of Ramjas College, credits these additional participations to the introduction of a new directive where students are awarded credit marks for participations in such events. Further elaborating on the overwhelming response this year, she said “Our motto is mass participation, and I feel very pleased and satisfied to see that we have been able to encourage sports on such a great scale this year. We hope to continue achieving greater success in the coming years.”

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