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KMC Debsoc conducts 34th Frank Thakur Das parliamentary debate

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The 34th Frank Thakur Das Parliamentary Debate saw teams from all over the country fight it out through the intense competition and challenging rounds to claim the title. The four day event between 7th and 10th February was organized by the Kirori Mal College Debating Society. The tournament was open and hence allowed institutional crosses.

The tournament featured some of the strongest institutional and cross teams in the circuit. FTD followed the 3 on 3 Asians’ parliamentary debate format. A total of thirty six teams participated in the debate and eight teams broke to participate in quarters.

The final saw last year’s runners up Backstreet’s back (Rohan Kochar, Rounaq Chandrashekhar and Akshay Raghupati) go up against LSR A (Sasha Bhatnagar, Urmi Tat and Shaily Saluja). The motion for the final round was based on the context that gods were in fact aliens who subjugated mankind and that one individual had discovered this evidence. The motion was that “The house believes that this individual should reveal this information to the world”. The cross team Backstreet’s back emerged victorious. The best adjudicator for the tournament was Eashan Ghosh (popularly known as Ego).

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