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TV Show Review: Mother up

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“Rudi, I need help. My marriage is falling apart”

“Relax.  It’s only your first marriage. Those are like the practice ones”

Enter Eva Longoria’s alternate version of family. Mother up is an adult animated show centered on Rudi Wilson, a high-ranking executive in a booming music company when a personal scandal (or so to speak- she was caught on tape hunting small children for sport using ‘tranquilizer darts’, or so she claims) gets her fired. The pompous Wilson decides to take time off and be the amazing mother she knew she could always be. She shifts to the suburbs with her two children, Apple and Dick, and so begins the adventure she was least prepared for.

The narcissistic Wilson isn’t just facing the challenge of raising two children, whose names she’s unsure of, but also dealing with the over bearing, hypocritical suburban mothers who populate every corner of suburbia. Packed with flashes of some genuinely funny moments, Rudi may not manage to catch your imagination in the first instant but sure manages to make an impression. Longoria’s voice is at her expressive best and you start to relate to her voice more than any of the characters themselves.


The pilot episode first aired on November 6, 2013, in the States. The show opened to largely negative reviews with excessive criticism for uncanny resemblance to Family Guy. It drew further criticism for trying too hard to be funny.

Although the criticism isn’t entirely unwarranted, what it fails to mention is that the show is spiced with some very laughable moments and isn’t half bad in it’s execution. As an adult animated show, Mother Up! isn’t entirely disappointing.Eva Longoria manages to string along a loosely knitted script. It may have had a mediocre start, but it shows promise.

“Oh. Don’t be all judgy. I am not the first mother in history who has left a witch doll in charge of her kids.”

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