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JMC’s Mudra wins the Western Dance Competition at Reverie 2014

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The Dance Society of Gargi College organised the Western Dance Competition as part of Reverie 2014, on February 6th. With 23 teams participating in the prelims, 8 were selected for the finals.

Lady Irwin College, one the finalists were the first ones to perform at the competition. After 2 hours of dancing and 8 teams performing, the competition was a combination of both Western dance forms and Bollywood drama. Songs ranging from ‘Dafli Wale’, ‘Ghagra’ and ‘Dhatad Dhatad’ entertained the crowd with even Wrecking Ball adding to the fun.

The heart stopping moment came, when Sandesh Kumar, the judge for the event declared the results. JMC’s western dance society ‘Mudra’ was selected as the winners of the competition. Miranda house’s Tanz was the 1st runners-up and the 2nd runners-up was the host college, Gargi. Total prize money of 25,000 was distributed among the winners.

“The event was a House of talent, lots of good dancing, and teams connected well with the audience”, said Sandesh Kumar, a veteran dancer himself.

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