DU faces internet troubles

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Delhi University is facing a drought in its internet services. The alleged reason for such a situation is a strike by the company providing the services.

The Delhi University Computer Centre serves as the hub for computer related services on the campus. The network, consisting of a gigabit fiber backbone provides connectivity to all departments at the North & South Campuses, all Colleges as well as 64 off campus Colleges.
Services available to users include access to the internet through 36 Mbps bandwidth in North Campus and 24 Mbps in South Campus. The service has been withheld as of now, reasons being unknown. It has been a few months since colleges have reopened and wi fi services in colleges yet remain to be functional.

This has created a lot of problem on the university colleges as students and teachers now have to fund the internet service themselves even though the university spends lakhs on it.As for the preparations for e-learning in FYUP with the coming semester, a doubt remains that with the withheld service whether students would be able to access international scholarly articles and online books.

In a statement published by Neeraj Tyagi, Deputy Dean Works, DU, the University has had no discrepancies in its administrative and financial functions for these services. The problem he said is being caused because of the strike of the service provider. He hopes that the problem will be solved within a week.

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