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TV Show Review: Catching Season 7 of Big Bang Theory mid-way

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The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and is currently in its seventh season. It premiered in December in India on Zee Cafe and is halfway through.

It is based on four socially awkward scientists each with their own quirks. The sixth season ends with Howard and Bernadette happily married, Leonard out on a sea voyage, heartbreak putting an end to Raj’s selective mutism, Amy still in love with Sheldon and Sheldon as his usual annoying but hilarious self! The seventh season starts with Penny dealing with Leonard’s absence and their daily lives follow suit.

The latest season takes a break from romance and relationship troubles which were the central theme of the last two seasons and turns its focus back to Sheldon’s eccentricities which is a breath of fresh air. The comedy is great and the end will leave you laughing. There’s no trouble in paradise when it comes to Leonard and Penny and its fun watching a different side of their relationship.  Raj can now talk to women without being drunk and that adds a whole new dimension to the program and makes it entertaining. This season also sees greater involvement of Stuart who was otherwise seen occasionally.

The eleventh episode ‘The Cooper Extraction’ is one of the best episodes. Sheldon leaves for Texas for a day and the rest of them imagine how their life would’ve been had they not met Sheldon. The scenarios created are rib cracking and will leave you in fits of laughter!

The Big Bang Theory delivers everything it promises and more. It continues to be a great show cast with interesting characters having amazing comic timing and a good script to compliment them. Each episode induces smiles if not laughter. It is a good watch and a treat to Big Bang Theory fans. It definitely leaves you asking for more! You can catch it on Zee Cafe every Sunday at 1:30 pm.

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