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Hansraj’s Annual Parliamentary debate plays host to 40 teams

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The 7th Annual Shanti Narayan Memorial Parliamentary Debate played host to some of the strongest institutional and cross teams of the circuit. The annual debate organized by the Hansraj College Debating Society was an open tournament and hence allowed any three individuals to form a team and allowed for independent adjudicators as well. A total of 40 teams participated in the four day event held between 18th and 21st January 2014.

This year Shanti followed the 3 on 3 Asians’ parliamentary debate format. The tournament also had a strict policy of finishing all rounds on team. The tabs team worked efficiently to ensure that there was no delay. Another plus was the free pizza for all participating teams and adjudicators courtesy Rossa.

The chief adjudicator of the tournament was Aashay Sahay. Reputed alumni of the Hans Raj Debating Society such as Anirudh Raghavan, Vibhor Jain and Abeer Sharma formed the organizing committee of the tournament. The tournament introduced new ideas like the ‘Chaimpiyan’ speaker and the compulsory point of information called ‘sosaje’.

The final was a duel between Kirori Mal College and the cross team Cold on the motion “This house rejects homework .” The winning team was Cold comprising of Karandeep Aazaan Khanna, Karthik Sivaram and Prasun Bhaiya. The best adjudicator of the tournament was Ankit (Ex-Ramjas).

After the conclusion of the debate, Shaurya Upadhyay of the Hansraj College Debating Society had the following to say-

“There was intense competition with the adjudication pool comprising veterans from the Indian Debating Circuit. It was overall a very successfully run tournament, with high level of competition, stellar adjudicators, and efficiently functioning organising committee.”

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