From lethal to lethargic: Three main aspects of the Man U crisis

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Sir Alex has finally retired, with his hand-picked successor clearly struggling to win not just matches, but also the backing of the supporters. Yes, a crisis has struck the red part of Manchester, one which seems to have shook glory hunters all over the world. We all knew it was going to be tough replacing Sir Alex, but no one could have anticipated such a dramatic fall for our defending champs. Having recorded their worst ever league start since the inception of the BPL, David Moyes seems to be clearly struggling to muster any kind of momentum in his team. So, what exactly seems to be the problem? Well, here are some factors on what seems to be missing and what’s clearly not clicking!

Struggling with Stability

The transition to any new manager, to new tactics and diverse styles of play is bound to bring about a certain period of instability, and the introduction of David Moyes was no different. Bringing his own backroom staff along with him, he let go of the successful combination of Rene Meulensteen, Mike Phelan and Eric Steele who knew the Red devil’s squad inside out. This in particular might not have been the smartest of moves as United are still struggling to find any kind of rhythm and flow in their approach to the game.

Under-performing players

It is fascinating how a squad so DEADLY last year can be just so plain DEAD this year! Lacking creativity and aspiration, Manchester United in general have not played with the same vigour and intensity as they had played during the Fergie-era. Trying several combinations and arrangements, Moyes is still yet to find the perfect balance which plays football to United’s strengths. Fergie’s brilliance in tactics which brought out the best in players like Danny Welbeck, Javier Hernandez, Luis Nani, Patrice Evra, Ashley Young, Shinji Kagawa etc. among many others has not yet been replicated by his successor. An unstable defence, a dull midfield and a lacklustre attack has far from impressed the fans with some serious questions regarding their future credibility.

Transfer-less window

Failed efforts to sign Fabregas, Herrera or Alacantara ensured a gaping hole in midfield left by the retirement of veteran midfielder Paul Scholes. The one main signing made by Moyes, that of Maroune Fellaini has also has not yet proved his worth to his new club. While it is undeniable that Man Utd requires some new faces to instil confidence and freshness in the team, heavy dependence on Wayne Rooney and Adnan Januzaj to provide for the attacking threat is also not a viable option for the long term.

Well, is this the end of the United-era or is this the beginning of a new phase of dominance? One thing that’s for sure is that this is definitely going to be the toughest test for Manchester United. I guess we’ll just have to wait for a few seasons to find out what United are really made out of!

 Akhil Goswami

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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