DUTA to hold ‘cluster dharnas’ against FYUP and more

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In the wake of some recent policies undertaken at the university Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) proposes to organise ‘Cluster Dharnas’ at various colleges of Delhi University.

DUTA has raised the slogan ‘FYUP Roll Back, DU VC Go Back’ in a recent poster issued by them for the dharnas. It puts forward the demand for implementing the Honours Degree in 3 years for the current students of the Four Year Program. DUTA also wants to insist on filling up of teaching positions which lies vacant as of now in the university. Apart from this, DUTA intends to raise the issues of correct implementation of 200 point roster, withdrawal of screening criteria at the entry level of assistant professor and selection committees as mandated by the UGC regulations in the ‘cluster dharnas’.

The schedule of these cluster dharnas at different colleges in Delhi University is as follows:

16 January 2014


Aditi Mahavidyalaya, SSN College, KNC, Gargi College, IHE, LSR

17 January 2014


DBC, ANDC, Ramanujan College, PGDAV(M&E), CVS, SBSC(M&E),


18 January 2014


MH, LBC, HRC, Ramjas College, SGTB Khalsa, Satyawati(M&E), SOL

20 January 2014


ZHDC, MSC, DSC(M&E), LIC, ZHC(E), ARSD, MLN(M&E), RLA(M&E), SVC,DCAC, Maitreyi College, JMC

21 January 2014


Kirorimal College, Hindu College, Daulat Ram, IP, SRCC, Departments

JDM, Kalindi College, DDU, SGND Khalsa College, Bhariti College

22 January 2014


MAC, Vivekanand College, Shyamlal College(M&E), SSCBS, SRCAS, MV College of Education, BRAC, Rajdhani College, Shivaji College, Keshav Mahavidyalaya, SGGS College of Commerce, SPM, Bhagini Nivedita

“These cluster dharnas have been organised with the objective to contact everyone in Delhi University personally by visiting different colleges. Decentralisation of dharnas would help us to get the problems solved more effectively. Delhi University is a very vast institution and therefore it is essential we get in touch with most of the students and teachers for better redressal of issues concerning the university”, said Anita Ghosh, Joint Secretary of Delhi University Teacher’s Organisation.

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