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Sherlock – The Empty Hearse

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Most people were excited about the first episode of Sherlock season three than they were for New Year, and rightly so. The secret of the world renowned detective’s escape from Jim Moriarty’s plan of killing him in The Reichenbach Fall was what everybody waited for, breathlessly.

The very first scene gives us a glimpse into how he made the escape, but we are later told that it was just Anderson’s conjecture. Meanwhile, we meet Sherlock and Mycroft in Siberia where the younger Holmes has been trying to break Moriarty’s connections.

Now is the time to come back to life for Sherlock, who has been “dead” for two years and meet his dear friend, Dr. John Watson. Watson has just begun to move on, when Sherlock sweeps in and pulls the rug under Watson’s feet. Sherlock does receive some well-earned punches from Watson and gradually everything gets back to normal, after Sherlock gives Molly a try as his new sidekick.


Trouble begins when Watson is abducted on November 5th and Sherlock must find him within minutes. The duo later discovers the legacy of Guy Fawkes, a bomb waiting to explode just beneath the Westminster Palace. Do they save Westminster? You must watch the episode.

The Empty Hearse was partially worth the wait, since it did not blow the mind away, as was expected by many, but it had moments that made you clutch your hair and wait. Anderson’s little group of people drawing conjectures about how Sherlock made the escape shows the obsession people have regarding Sherlock, even those who seemingly hate him.

Adorable Mrs. Hudson takes us on a laugh riot with her motherly comments about Watson’s sexuality and the relationship of the Holmes brothers. One of the best things about the show, its beautifully shot scenes, has been maintained in the episode.

In the end, we see Sherlock telling Anderson how he escaped, and it sounds rather plausible, but Sherlock again puts a doubt in the mind about how he actually did it. Does he finally tell us how he did it? You must watch the series.


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