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5 things I learned from Sherlock

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Ever since Arthur Conan Doyle’s first published novel on Sherlock Holmes, we have witnessed the popularity of this fictional character growing by leaps and bounds. Perhaps its influence and fame has been a reason for various adaptations of the novel in television and cinema. One is always attracted towards the wit, intelligence and charisma of the great Sherlock Holmes.

Whether you read, watch the famous movie or follow the renowned TV series you will be charmed by the character. With the new season of Sherlock out *excited jump in the air*, the Sherlock fan community had a better New Year than planned. So, what is it that we love about Sherlock? Rather, what is it that Sherlock teaches us? Here is a list of five things that learned from Sherlock:

1. Brainy is the new sexy


Sherlock Holmes has been known for his brilliance and knowledge that leaves everyone spellbound. To fit every single important thing in the funny little head is no cakewalk. This goes for all nerds and brainy people out there who seldom feel they are like outcasts among the sexy and fun loving people. Sherlock clearly defines that to be brainy is the ultimate sexiness and attracts attention equal to a striking face.

2. Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side

sherlock fake smile

From what I learnt from Sherlock Holmes is that cold and unemotional behaviour often helps in achieving success. One does not deviate from the aims and objectives to be achieved due to feelings and emotions. To have some control over the heart and emotions is no easy task yet Sherlock Holmes is the pioneer in that sphere.

3. Work is worship


Sherlock often says that his mind rebels at stagnation. To be tired and weary is a common predicament to most of us. Sherlock Holmes never gets tired of work rather he gets exhausted by idleness and inactivity. Funny it may appear to most of us how Sherlock Holmes gets mad when he doesn’t work, firing a gun at a wall is an example of his frustration. It’s a thing that I am yet to learn from Sherlock how to focus all my energies on my work and never get tired of it.

4. Observe Everything


We often despise the little details and are indifferent towards the common things. To evaluate a person’s personality and background with a single meeting is the USP of Sherlock Holmes, the way he knows all about Moriairty within five minutes of meeting him. It often leaves the fans enthralled with his science of deduction and detection the crimes in a minute’s time.

5. To be socially awkward is totally fine


Yes, that’s right. Man is a social animal and it’s imperative for us to be civil and cheerful to fit in the society. Sherlock breaks the general norms of the society and is a self proclaimed ‘high-functioning sociopath’. So whenever I am trying to fit in this world with any odd ideas and behaviour, I remember my favourite character and just get lost with myself like Sherlock Holmes.

Any inputs from fellow Sherlock fans are most welcome!

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