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Celebrating 102 years of Delhi

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Delhi turned into a 102 year old city on 12th December, 2013. Just as the city dwellers got down to celebrate the experience of being a ‘Dilliwallah’, our team went back to all the small occasions when we had featured the city you all love. Be it food and heritage or the lifeline known as Metro, Delhi has it all. Here is a list of our favourite five posts about Delhi:

1. Top 5 State Bhavans in Delhi: A Guide to Regional Delicacies

When in a different city, a direct ticket home is the authentic cuisine of our state. Like international embassies, Delhi has State Bhawans, which bring authentic regional dishes to the national capital. These canteens prepare dishes as you could imagine them back home. The best part is that you can devour all you want without hurting your wallet.

2. Top 5 ‘hubs’ in Delhi to eat, shop and explore

Each city has a hub, a center around which people come to eat, shop and work. With time the place develops a character and slowly turns into a brand that promises a culture that is unique to it. Some are recognized for its food offerings while other for its range of boutiques.

The city of cities has more than one such hub. The post is our take on the most active, bustling, varied and happening markets in the city.

3. Exploring Music in Delhi!

With new venues and a growing audience Delhi has seen a phenomenal rise in the music scene, especially in the last few years. Bands are coming up ever so often and are given ample opportunities to promote their music in venues around town. We’re bringing you a few of the collectives, bands and artists we’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to, and where you can watch them play, LIVE.

4. Top 5 monuments to explore in Delhi

Delhi is a city where history comes alive! Rulers, scholars and artists from all over the world have traveled here, and their contributions have influenced us in ways that are tangible and intangible. The most evident reflection of this is seen in the magnificent monuments that are scattered through out the city. Each of these architecture marvels is projection of culture, society and people of those times; interestingly enough, and especially once you’ve heard the stories behind these places, you’ll find pieces of our past in our day to day lives.

5. Seven types of people you find in the metro

Be it people who sleep and read or those who simply check others out, the Delhi Metro supports varied types of people everyday. This one is a stereotypical list of the kind of travellers one would generally find in the metro.  Read on to know more!

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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