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TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy Season 9

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It was last year when Grey’s Anatomy was screened on Indian television for the first time. The medical drama was an instant hit, with TV channels showing seasons 1-6 at one shot and then repeating the seasons on popular demand. Soon enough, seasons 7-9 were also featured, leaving fans content.

So what is it about this show that keeps viewers hooked? First of all, the variety of characters on the show is diverse. You have Casanovas, emotionally damaged people, those who’re perpetually unlucky in love and those who’re always upbeat and peppy. Of course the fact that the cast is very attractive helps quite a bit. Then there is all the drama! A lot of it is unbelievable, because let’s face it, how many times does an average doctor find himself or herself in a life threatening situation? Well, in this show, at least once per season. But the tragedy is what draws you in, it makes you appreciate all the happy moments on the show like when Meredith gets to know that she’s pregnant with a baby she refers to as ‘Foetus’.


Season 9 was a particularly emotional one with deaths, births, marriages and break ups. The new set of surgical interns brought with them fresh energy and romances. Kepner, who used to be an immature and slightly irritating character earlier, has grown tremendously in this season to become a rather likable character! Meredith and Yang were as close as ever, though the tension between Yang and Hunt kept increasing.

The last episode of season 9 was another rollercoaster ride what with Dr Webber being electrocuted, Kepner feeling confused between Avery and Matthews, Callie getting to know about Arizona’s affair and the beginning of a romance between Karev and Jo. There are many unanswered questions as of now and the only thing we fans can do now is to wait for Season 10!

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